Just an Idea, Interesting Theory or a Fact?

I strongly believe that space and time are quantized. Of course, I can not prove it. It's just a strong feeling that space and time are not smooth and continuous but discrete.


Spacetime is a concept in physics that combines space and time into a single entity. Spacetime is usually interpreted with three-dimensional space where time is added as a fourth component. It is commonly accepted that the universe has three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. If we combine space and time into a single entity, many physical theories become significantly simpler.

Space-Time Quantization

A short paper by A. Meessen about Space-Time Quantization. This paper shows that the postulate of a space-time continuum is not a logical necessity.

Obstacles On The Way Towards The Quantization Of Space, Time And Matter

A paper by Gerard 't Hooft from the Institute for Theoretical Physics University of Utrecht and Spinoza Institute Utrecht, where they suggests that problems of unifying theories quantum mechanics with general relativity are very deep and fundamental.